"When we moved to Charlotte, we wanted to find a lot and build. We met with six builders, and we really hit it off with Frank. He had fantastic ideas, compared to the other builders, who just said, 'What do you want?' He spent days helping us find a lot. His design creativity helped open our minds so we would not be so limited, and because of this we now have out dream home."

- Cheryl Nedrow, Waxhaw

"My wife, Rosemary, is an artist and home designer. When we decided to build in Seven Eagles, we came to Frank with some ideas and a basic plan that we had developed. The design is Tuscan - an Old World home with an inner courtyard, catacomb ceilings, wide arches and a lot of stone work. Frank expanded our ideas, and the three of us have worked together to design the house we want. We fell very, very confident that he knows how to build an unusual house like this. Not that many builders really understand your ideas, but Frank is a visionary with great talent and great patience. He has a very good network of subcontractors, many of them from Europe, and he understands this style of house. We've seen his attention to detail in other houses, and we trust him because of his background, who he is and the way he works."

- Bob Rovegno, Seven Eagles

"We found our house after Frank had already started it. It has so much character, design and attention to detail that it just knocked my socks off. We had seen many other new custom houses that were beautiful, but museum-like. They lacked personality. This house had so much charm even before it was finished, that it really appealed to us. It was like a Mediterranean vineyard. Frank offered the house with a decorator to help us choose the finished we wanted to make the house informal enough to raise a three-year-old. He and his craftsmen have been so proud of their work, and the whole experience has been so warm. That has made us enjoy our house even more."

- Claudia Sacks, Providence Downs

"Coming from the mortgage industry, I was skeptical and interviewed two dozen custom builders before we chose Frank. I wanted someone who was confident, competent and responsible. He showed that to us and has proven to be all that and much more. Frank is a man of honor and dignity who builds a great quality home. He has shown he will go the extra mile instead of taking shortcuts. We're very pleased with his work."

- Mrs. Delaine Mead, Piper Glen

"We chose Frank's company to build our house after seeing the quality of the homes he'd built and because friends of ours had built a house with him and were impressed with his honesty. A lot of builders don't really want to tell you the profit they plan to make, but Frank accounts for every penny and tells you exactly what he expects to earn. He's an honest man who doesn't expect to get rich on every house he builds. We're just getting started designing our house, and he's spent a lot of time with us already before we even sign the contract."

- Dr. Brett Wagner, Woodland Bay